Aside: I have ADHD, and finishing long tasks like writing is error-prone as a result. This draft is largely bullet point outlines, and I am publishing it so that I can share it even if I never manage to finish it.

Against Discord channels

If you were to log on to my personal Discord server and glance at the unhideable channel list side-panel, you would see one text channel, one voice channel, and nothing else. Many people find that surprising, and most Discord servers I see have an absolute plethora of channels, often neatly arranged into groups — as an example, one server I’m in has 43 members and 21 text channels arranged in five groups.

Before looking at the effects of using channels, and especially using a lot of channels, let’s look at why channels are used. Knowing the rationales for using channels allow us to ask if channels are serving their purpose, or what a feature designed specifically for that purpose could look like.

Are channels good at that?

What are the effects of using a lot of channels — that is, what happens when a social space has about half as discussion-slots as it does people?

“My server is too big to not have channels — you can’t usefully stuff a thousand people into a single channel productively. (As evidence, look at Twitch streams!)”