rebecca turner

Simple ASCII table

Also available as a .txt file that fits in an 80×24 terminal!

Also available with more details!

(nul) 0x00
(soh) 0x01
(stx) 0x02
(etx) 0x03
(eot) 0x04
(enq) 0x05
(ack) 0x06
(bel) 0x07
(bs) 0x08
(ht) 0x09
(nl) 0x0a
(vt) 0x0b
(np) 0x0c
(cr) 0x0d
(so) 0x0e
(si) 0x0f
(dle) 0x10
(dc1) 0x11
(dc2) 0x12
(dc3) 0x13
(dc4) 0x14
(nak) 0x15
(syn) 0x16
(etb) 0x17
(can) 0x18
(em) 0x19
(sub) 0x1a
(esc) 0x1b
(fs) 0x1c
(gs) 0x1d
(rs) 0x1e
(us) 0x1f
(sp) 0x20
! 0x21
" 0x22
# 0x23
$ 0x24
% 0x25
& 0x26
' 0x27
( 0x28
) 0x29
* 0x2a
+ 0x2b
, 0x2c
- 0x2d
. 0x2e
/ 0x2f
0 0x30
1 0x31
2 0x32
3 0x33
4 0x34
5 0x35
6 0x36
7 0x37
8 0x38
9 0x39
: 0x3a
; 0x3b
< 0x3c
= 0x3d
> 0x3e
? 0x3f
@ 0x40
A 0x41
B 0x42
C 0x43
D 0x44
E 0x45
F 0x46
G 0x47
H 0x48
I 0x49
J 0x4a
K 0x4b
L 0x4c
M 0x4d
N 0x4e
O 0x4f
P 0x50
Q 0x51
R 0x52
S 0x53
T 0x54
U 0x55
V 0x56
W 0x57
X 0x58
Y 0x59
Z 0x5a
[ 0x5b
\ 0x5c
] 0x5d
^ 0x5e
_ 0x5f
` 0x60
a 0x61
b 0x62
c 0x63
d 0x64
e 0x65
f 0x66
g 0x67
h 0x68
i 0x69
j 0x6a
k 0x6b
l 0x6c
m 0x6d
n 0x6e
o 0x6f
p 0x70
q 0x71
r 0x72
s 0x73
t 0x74
u 0x75
v 0x76
w 0x77
x 0x78
y 0x79
z 0x7a
{ 0x7b
| 0x7c
} 0x7d
~ 0x7e
(del) 0x7f