rebecca turner


I C the Light, a distance-estimating ray marcher (image output gallery)

/distance, an in-browser distance estimation simulation

/mandelbrot, an interactive Mandelbrot set exploration tool with novel iteration visualization

/integral, an interactive integral approximation visualization

/differential, an interactive first-order differential equation approximation visualization

glitcher, an in-browser procedural databending app

/snell, an interactive visualization of Snell’s law

/fox, a population dynamics simulator (old version)

/url-editor, a tool for editing and viewing url parameters and components

#wrap, a Chrome extension to modify Tumblr’s user interface by adding line-wrapping for post tags. Peaked at ≈35,000 users.

random #hashtag generator

twitter bots

@goodwordsbot — real-sounding fake words based on latin and greek roots

@bestknuckletats — knuckle tat ideas

@gardensbot — emoji gardens

@bestinvestings — bad investment advice

@sorryimsadsorry — a very upset bot. currently on hiatus

@pastebinrecent — recent text from not guarenteed to be sfw


unicode resources

ascii chart

brandeis links

other small projects at