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(781) 736-3677 health ctr
(781) 736-4999 ext. 1. branvan — 4pm–2:30am weekdays, 12pm–2:30am weekends. campus: 12pm–2:30am
(781) 736-5000 public safety — facilities, BEMCo, cops, etc.
(781) 736-3333 emergencies — cops / BEMCo
(781) 736-8500 facilities (8am–5pm)
(781) 736-3370 rape crisis ctr
(781) 736-5060 dcl
(781) 736-3730 bcc
(781) 736-3785 bcc hotline — 247, operated by bcc staff

  1. The BranVan situation is a bit complicated. Colloquially, “BranVan” refers to all the… Brandeis vans and buses. But strictly speaking, the BranVan is only the intra-campus shuttle and the evening Waltham shuttle. The situation is a bit unclear, even from the official Brandeis pages, but the daytime Waltham and Campus shuttles as well as all Boston shuttles are run by Joseph’s transportation — although there appears to be both a daytime campus shuttle (with Joseph’s) and a daytime campus BranVan. [return]
  2. The light / large map is nicer but it’s also out of date, missing, among other things, the entire bio building. Beware! [return]